A Term of Gratitude

A Term of Gratitude

In many ways, my personal feeling on Term One is, thank goodness it’s over.  But I know that is fatigue speaking.

Reflecting on the Term though, amazing things have happened that I am extremely grateful for.

We had students start school for the very first time.  They learned to recognise letters and numbers and now are writing their names.  We had circuits in Science, line drawings in Art, celebrated Harmony Week and focused on what we were grateful for each day.

Year 6 designed sustainable houses, we raised funds for Project Compassion and Year 3 celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation, and focused on what we were grateful for each day.

TEAMS allowed parents into classrooms, share student learning and opportunities to continue our work together in improving student outcomes.  Assemblies continued with parents joining from mine sites, grandparents logging in from overseas and others watching from the comfort of cars.

It was different, but we adapted. We problemed solved and helped each other out.  If we couldn’t reach, we gave our friends a boost. Importantly, being different didn’t mean we lost focus on what matters the most, the students.   

As Easter People, we give thanks for the opportunities we have had as a school community.  Being grateful is a school focus, and I am grateful for the staff, students, and families of our school community.    

I wish all families a Happy Easter, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Ben Doyle


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