Compliance & Policies

Strategic Plan

This school improvement plans confirm the desire of the St Francis Xavier Primary School Community to ‘Provide a welcoming environment wherein the development of each person and the education offered reflects gospel values’. A school that offers a real sense of community, a high quality education and the development of students where Christ is the central role model.

These improvement plans have their basis in and therefore stem and build upon the work of previous years. It works in conjunction with the school’s ‘Evangelisation Plan’ and the ‘School Curriculum’ plan to ensure educational outcomes, facilities and diverse learning opportunities are provided to all students.

The plan outlines priority areas for implementation or attention each year.

Annual Report to School Community 2020

In 2020, our school’s #Christcentredchildfocusedlifelonglearners will drive our learning focus. Our work involves establishing both a physical and online network of learners with the purpose of reimagining our current practices to establish a curriculum and contemporary pedagogies that meet the diverse needs of learners in the 21st Century. A partnership with the Wabisabi Learning community and affiliate schools will drive and support our learning as we undertake a process to authentically achieve our

2020 School Compliance Data

System and Australian Government accountability regulations require that each school reports to its community on school performance in a number of key areas.
The following information is a Commonwealth Government requirement and pertains to the 2019 calendar year.

AGM Reports - Principals Report

Good evening and welcome. A special welcome to our Clergy who are in attendance tonight. I also wish to thank the executive of both the Board and P&F. As parents within the school you have a vested interest in ensuring St Francis Xavier’s success and I thank you for your contributions this year. And welcome to my colleagues. I thank you for your presence this evening.

SFX Board Chair Report

As this will be my last report to the SFX School community I thought I would reflect on previous reports and come up with a combination of items from within those reports to share with you here.

Presidents Report

Good evening and welcome everyone to the 2020 P & F AGM. It has been another busy year for the P & F with a new executive committee, with the transition supported well by the former executive, an active committee and of course, our fabulous parents who volunteered to assist with events.