Enrolling at St Francis Xavier

Enrolling at St Francis Xavier

For families wishing to learn more about St Francis Xavier Primary, some frequently asked questions are answered below.

Do Catholic schools teach the same curriculum as other schools?

Yes. All schools in WA are required to teach the curriculum outlined by SCASA, however students attending a Catholic school also receive an education based on the Gospel values and person of Jesus.  At St Francis Xavier, the values of compassion, honesty, respect, self-control and inclusivity are woven through everything we do. In addition to the regular curriculum, we also include 15-30 minutes of daily religious education.

I’m not religious, does it matter?

No, but we ask families to support the Catholic traditions and values of the school.  Our school is a close-knit community, that values the dignity and diversity of every individual.  As a Catholic community, each child and member of our community is known, valued and celebrated.  

I am interested in my child attending Nagle Catholic College.  Will attending St Francis Xavier assist in my child being accepted into Nagle?

Yes.  Attending St Francis Xavier strongly enhances your child’s enrolment opportunities and ensures a smooth transition between schools with the majority of students continuing their education at Nagle. In addition, sibling discounts apply for families with children attending both schools.

What subjects are available?

St Francis Xavier offers a diverse curriculum covering all mandated learning areas. We provide Specialist teachers in Physical Education, Auslan, Science, Media Arts and Music. Opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities are also provided throughout the year. School funded iPads are in all classes with upper primary students being provided with a 1:1 device.

What additional facilities are there?

St Francis Xavier is equipped with a contemporary library, well resourced music room and 5 star rated canteen. In addition, we offer a 3 Year Old Kindergarten program and facilitate a Parent Playgroup. Access to before, after and holiday care is also available to families.

Once my fees are paid, is there any ongoing or further costs throughout the year?

No.  St Francis Xavier has a total fee, including booklists and access to digital technologies, which families can pay in full or in way that suits their family’s needs.  Students will participate in fundraising activities to assist those in the community, however, participating financially optional.    

I may not be able to afford the fees, is there financial support for my child to attend?

Yes.  Families who receive health care card benefits are entitled to fee reductions.  Additionally, families experiencing financial difficulties may be entitled to fee concessions.

What is the discipline policy?

Our ‘Student Code of Conduct’ is based around developing positive behaviours centred on Gospel Values.  We encourage behaviours that create a happy and safe school environment where all students can learn.  When students display behaviours that do not create a positive environment, we follow a process that restores the relationships that have been affected. 

Are there support mechanisms for my child with special needs?

Yes.  St Francis Xavier celebrates diversity within our classrooms and ensures all students are provided with the appropriate learning opportunities and resources to achieve.  Our specialist staff work with a number of external agencies to provide the level of support needed for individual students and in partnership with families.  In addition to high quality classroom practice, St Francis Xavier has a dedicated Disabilities Coordinator, qualified Dyslexia SPELD tutor and school wide Literacy Support Programs facilitated by qualified Teaching Assistants.

How do I book a tour?

Enrol Now or to organise your personalised tour, contact our friendly reception on 9923 5800 or email: admin@sfx.wa.edu.au


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