Focusing on Affordability

Focusing on Affordability

St Francis Xavier recognises the significant contribution families make to the cost of educating their children. In acknowledging the financial impact of school fees, we are focused on minimising the cost for families to choose St Francis Xavier. Over the past few years, the School Board have been instrumental in reducing the costs for families through a range of initiatives.

$200 Referral System
The majority of school income is generated from state and federal funding which is based on student numbers. To support our initiative in attracting new students, families that successfully refer a new enrolment from outside of Catholic Education will receive a $200 credit which is deducted from their own school fees. By actively promoting our vibrant community and encouraging new families to consider joining St Francis Xavier, you are supporting our capacity to maintain facilities and resources to support children today and into the future.     

Since 2018, booklists have been facilitated by the school. Our capacity to bulk purchase has provided a saving of on average $40 per child whilst simplifying the start of the year for parents. In addition to financial savings for parents, our focus on minimising waste and ensuring sustainable practices has improved.

Uniform Review
In 2020, a thorough review of the school uniform was undertaken by the School Board and subcommittee. The revised uniform not only improved the functionality and appearance of the uniform but financially benefitted families. The single jacket and shoe option amounted to a saving of over $100 per uniform whilst enabling students to be more active during the day.

Sibling Discount
In 2019, the School Board pioneered the sibling discount scheme. In conjunction with Nagle Catholic College and other local catholic schools the sibling discount was introduced. Families with children attending St Francis Xavier and Nagle are eligible for a $100 discount from both schools.

Digital Devices Allocation
This year, students in Year 5 and 6 have access to a school based 1:1 device program with students in younger years accessing banks ranging from 1:2 to small groups allocation. Short and long term strategic planning have enabled a sustainable approach that provides access for 21st Century Learning today and into the future.

St Francis Xavier also provides fee relief for Health Care Card holders and offers bursaries for Aboriginal families. For parents and caregivers who do not qualify for the Health Care Card discount, but who are experiencing financial difficulties, arrangements can be made to provide immediate support to assist with tuition costs.

We understand the financial pressures facing families and seek to keep our fees as low as possible. As members of St Francis Xavier School Community, you are our greatest advocates.  By actively promoting and encouraging new families to join St Francis Xavier, you are supporting children today and into the future.     

If you have any questions regarding the above initiatives, please contact the finance officer on 9923 5800 or  I thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to ensuring St Francis Xavier continues to provide an outstanding Catholic Education.


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