Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior

Over the last six months, students from our middle and upper primary have been involved in the design and creation of new senior playground. The process utilised an inquiry model based on the 6D’s of solution fluency. This process enables students to;


  • Define the scope of works
  • Discover what is available
  • Dream of solutions
  • Design prototypes
  • Deliver a final product
  • Debrief the successes

Once a decision had been made to develop a Ninja warrior Course, students participated in a series of online workshops with designers to ensure the product would meet the needs of students now and into the future. Surveys were undertaking with peers to identify the key components and ensure a range of obstacles could be included to maximise the participation of all students.

In addition to identifying key components, measuring of the location was required which involved the use of Google Maps and image composition to generate potential locations to scale.

Besides being slightly over budget, the final design by students was recently approved by the School Advisory Council. Fabrication of key components is currently occurring with installation occurring over the January holidays planned. The final stage of the process is debriefing. If students’ current levels excitement is a gauge to go by, the Ninja warrior course will be a hit in 2022.

For families interested in joining our vibrant learning community, limited positions still exist for 2022. To learn more contact our friendly reception on 9923 5800 or visit


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