Parents & Friends

The objective of the Association is the promotion of the interests of St Francis Xavier Primary School, Geraldton and of the children attending the school.


  • To act as liaison between the wider community, and the governing bodies of the school.
  • To further the growth and development of parental involvement through a range of social, school and parish activities.
  • To organise guest speakers for the association on current and suggested educational programmes, faith development and other matters of interest.
  • To raise funds for the further development of the educational, social and spiritual growth of St Francis Xavier school children.


  • Use our funds to support the educational, religious and social aims of the school.
  • Recognise and encourage the support given by parents to our school community.



The Parish Priest and all members of the teaching staff of the school shall be ex-officio members of the Association. Parents or guardians of a child attending the school or enrolled at the school, or any person interested in the objectives and aims of the Association are members.


All members as per the above criteria are most welcome to attend any meeting.