Parents & Friends

St Francis Xavier Primary School Parents and Friends

The Purpose of the St Francis Xavier Primary School Parents and Friends (P&F) is to cooperate with the Principal’s decisions about the design and safe delivery of the St Francis Xavier Primary School educational programme in our community of faith.


  • Fostering cooperation between the Principal, parents, teachers, students, the parish, Catholic Education and members of our community
  • Promoting St Francis Xavier Primary School in our community
  • Contributing to, supporting and promoting the Principal’s decisions among our community
  • Organising and conducting social and fundraising activities relevant to the purpose
  •  Each member complying with and promoting the St Francis Xavier Code of Conduct


The Parish Priest and all members of the teaching staff of the school shall be ex-officio members of the Association. Parents or guardians of a child attending the school or enrolled at the school, or any person interested in the objectives and aims of the Association are members.


All members as per the above criteria are most welcome to attend any meeting.  Meeting dates are available in the school calendar and constitution HERE.  

Meeting Minutes