P&F President’s Welcome

Welcome to the St Francis Xavier Parent and Friends Group. The St Francis Xavier Parent and Friends Group is a friendly and energetic group, who work together to promote a sense of community that fosters positive relationships within our School. We do this by providing social opportunities for students and their families, as well as supporting educational programs and organising fundraising activities to support the St Francis Xavier School Community.

Becoming an active member of the St Francis Xavier P and F Group helps create a fantastic sense of school community, whilst providing opportunities to develop friendships and contributing to delivering resources that enrich the experiences and education of our children and their families. Active participation can be as little as just contributing ideas, you do not have to attend P and F Group Meetings to be an active member.

The Parish Priest, Teaching Staff, Parents and Guardians of any child attending or enrolled in St Francis Xavier Primary and any person interested in the aims of the Group are most welcome to attend P and F Group Meetings.

The aim of each meeting is to:

  • Foster co-operation between the principal, parents, teachers, students, the parish, catholic education and members of our community
  • Promote St Francis Xavier Primary School in our community
  • Contribute to, support and promote the Principal’s decisions among our community
  • Organise and conduct social and fundraising activities relevant to the school community
  • Comply with and promote the St Francis Xavier Code of Conduct


Everyone is welcome to come along to the P and F Group Meetings to help make decisions on P and F Group funding allocation, the type, number and timing of social and fundraising events as well as the opportunity to contribute any ideas they may have. Meetings will also include a Principal’s report and a report from the School Advisory Council Representative.

We look forward to parents attending and striving to ensure St Francis Xavier is a welcoming school community that is Christ centred and Child Focused.

P&F President