Sharing Gifts and Talents

Sharing Gifts and Talents

At St Francis Xavier, we believe that all students should be provided the opportunities to be involved in diverse learning experiences that enable all students to be successfully extended. This occurs by providing students with voice in the original planning of inquiry units. Inquiry-based learning uses different approaches, cultivating skills through guided learning and small-group discussions to apply reasoning to reach conclusions.

Bridge Challenge and Sustainable House Project

Helping learners reach their full potential through different learning approaches builds social and emotional learning skills, career-ready skills, and enhances problem-solving. This emphasises the learner’s role in the learning process, giving them the autonomy to explore, ask questions and share ideas. Students are provided experiences that enable:

  • Curiosity
  • Connection
  • Communication and
  • Creation
Synergy Solar Car Challenge and Young Writers’ Workshop

Inquiry deepens understanding, creates ownership, promotes engagement and importantly develops a love of learning. When learners are able to exercise autonomy over their learning process, they become more engaged, which helps develop a passion for exploration and learning on a higher level.

a_space Interactive Design Project

In addition to daily classroom inquiry, students are also provided opportunities to join the Choir, instrumental programs, NUMERO Club and participate in Maths Olympiads. Selected students are invited to attend writer’s workshops and participate in STEM regional challenges to extend their learning experiences.

Providing an exemplary Catholic Education that welcomes other faith traditions, St Francis Xavier provides a bright start to your child’s education. With 3 Year Old Kindergarten, onsite before and after school care and direct pathways to Nagle Catholic College, contact our friendly reception on 9923 5800 as limited opportunities exist. To learn more or organise your obligation free tour visit


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