Student Agency

Student Agency

Code of Conduct

 At St Francis Xavier, student agency is defined as students’ capacity to set a goal, reflect and act responsibly to affect change. It is about enabling students to act rather than be acted upon, shape rather than be shaped and be involved in making responsible decisions and choices rather than accepting those predetermined.

At the start of the year, Jason from KaboomToons undertook a residency with the Year Six students.  In collaboration with educators, students unpacked how they wanted to feel, think, and act at school.  Jason then worked with students to develop their illustration skills in class over several days with the aim of developing a visual Student Code of Conduct.

The ability to see students develop, refine, and create illustrations of a high standard was fantastic.  As a learning community, we also have visual posters that can be used to communicate how students want to feel, think, and act at St Francis Xavier.  

A positive example of when we give students the ability to speak and actively listen, authentic ownership of learning and behavioural expectations are achieved.  

For other information regarding St Francis Xavier’s Community and Student Code of Conduct or Behaviour Matrix, visit: 


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