Student Leaders 2021

Student Leaders 2021

At St Francis Xavier we believe a student leader is responsible, fair minded, positive and a caring representative of the student body. Importantly, they take on the responsibility of spreading the values of our school community through their thoughts, words and actions.

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 students have nominated, presented and voted for the student leadership group for 2021. This Friday, student leaders will be formally commissioned in their roles at the first school assembly.

As a school, we are extremely proud to announce our Head Girl, Luca, and Head Boy, Jordan, for 2021 and look forward to their contributions to our school community throughout the year.

Luca and Jordan

In addition to Head Girl and Head Boy, Faction Captains will also be presented. A Faction Captain is responsible for promoting school spirit and encouraging all students to do their best not only in sport but how they conduct themselves in daily activities.

Xavier Faction Captains – Kayla and Sylas
Griffin Faction Captains – Emily and Henry

Thomas Faction Captains Caitlin and Taj
Nagle Faction Captains – Maddie and Daniel

Congratulation to all our student leaders for 2021. We are extremely proud and look forward to your contributions in strengthening our school culture during the year.


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