Physical Education

Students at St Francis Xavier participate in weekly Physical Education lessons that are aimed at developing key understandings and capabilities of the WA Health and Physical Education curriculum.

In Kindergarten, the main focus is to build knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to physical movement. A Perceptual Motor Program is used as a strategy to assist the development of children’s gross motor skills and therefore assist with the development of fine motor skills, essential in the learning of reading and writing. This program assists the development of the child and enhances brain development by stimulating the five senses through movement.

Students in Pre-Primary to Year 3 focus primarily on developing and refining key fundamental movement skills (FMS) that may then be transferred into more complex games and movement sequences as they mature and progress. The development of interpersonal skills and awareness of self and others are also key areas of focus for students in the junior years.

Swimming lessons and athletics are covered annually for each student from Pre-Primary to Year 6, helping them to prepare for the various carnivals, as well as learning valuable skills for lifelong participation in sport.

Students in Years 4 to 6 begin to transfer and apply movement skills to game based play. Team sports and integration of the schools values program provides a platform for students to recognize and value their health and wellbeing.

St. Francis Xavier is a registered Sporting School, allowing access to specialized coaching and funding across a variety of sports.

Sporting Schools

Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with community sport.